36- Are Factory Parts Always the Best Options for my Car?

The answer is no. There are times when they are and times when they aren’t. The parts
supplied by the car companies while of good quality, are often more expensive than what they could be if supplied by other manufactures (aftermarket).

Many times the new car makers contract with the aftermarket to make their new car products.  But, when they do so, they stamp them with the original equipment (O.E.) stamp.  The ultimate seller of these parts, the new car dealers, has to mark up the prices substantially to make their margins.  This of course makes the parts more expensive to the end user.

If that same part if sold by the same supplier without the O.E. stamp and without the dealer mark-up, to the local parts store the end cost is substantially lower.  This is the
identical part at a much lower cost.  This usually happens with faster moving and popular parts such as brakes, water pumps and radiators.

In another scenario such as the case of shock absorbers, the factory part is almost always a balance of comfort and performance.  If the vehicle owner wants his or her car to feel or handle differently then factory parts are never the answer.

The last scenario usually has to do with cost and/or quality.  There are companies all over the world that produce automotive parts of all varying degrees of quality and function.  If the consumer has a newer car and can afford it, the dealer part or a high end substitute might be best for the situation.  On the other hand if the car is older, perhaps near end of service, or the owner is on a strict budget, then lower tier aftermarket parts might be a better option.  These parts often are not built as well and often don’t offer much in the name of a warranty, but if money is an object then
these parts my suit the purpose.

Each repair scenario requires a question to the owner about his or her intention with the car and of course their budget.  This is where a good car care professional can help to make the right decision for the case at hand.  You can always depend on Sturken Auto to help you make the right repair.

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35-Insurance Companies Using Spy Devices

Insurance companies keep finding new ways to make us pay. Now some are giving you an incentive to let them hook up a spy-device to your car.  They obviously are going to charge you more if you drive more miles.  But some monitor how often and for how long, you exceed 80 mph. They can even monitor how aggressively you drive including how fast you take corners and brake to a stop.  When they get more sophisticated, I can see them determining your location by GPS to see if you are exceeding the posted speed limits.  State Farm says that people who have signed up for their program get
about 10 percent off their bill.

My question is:  Can this data be used against you in an accident?  If they monitor your speed and turning data, can’t this be used against you?  The airbag computers already store some incriminating evidence of what was going on just before they deploy and
the courts are having to sort out when this data can be used.  Is it worth 10 percent to give up your privacy?  Maybe a better alternative is to find a cheaper insurance company.

–Jerry Spradlin

Reprinted with permission-Import Automotive Parts & Accessories Magazine, October/November