21-Sturken Auto Cares

One of the things that I have always stressed to my employees is empathy. Not because it is nice and the right thing to do, but because caring is the basis behind what we do at Sturken Auto.  Also important is how we show our clients that we care. Genuine concern for our clients, their car, their money and their needs is the standard at Sturken Auto. I think most people sense that about our company; I believe that our caring is what sets us apart from many shops. Continue reading

20 – You’ll Feel Good After Service Work with Sturken Auto

What does feeling good have to do with automotive service? Everything!

When you go to get your haircut you want to feel good when you leave the shop or salon; when you get your carpets cleaned you want to feel good when the truck leaves; so why should auto and RV repairs leave you feeling any different? It shouldn’t – and that’s where Sturken Automotive really shines.

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19 – The Forgotten Fluid

There is a hard working fluid in almost every car that gets little to no attention. The forgotten fluid is power steering fluid. For some reason the manufacturers never recommend changing it; maybe its because the system is closed and the components are few. But nothing lasts forever.

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